Rope Fender Single Eye Manila


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Our hand-knotted Rope Fender single eye Manila will protect your boat and give it a robust yet luxurious appearance at the same time. Also available in the colors Black and Navy. 

Our single eye rope fenders in short:
  • The most beautiful & high quality rope fenders out there.

  • Available in different colors and sizes to fit any boat.

  • Shipped worldwide within 48 hours. See shipping rates

  • The best polyester fibers that keep colour and softness.  

  • A 2 year warranty on all of our products.

  • A 30 day return policy.

More about our Rope Fender single eye Manila
  • Ready to use: Inflated, with attached fender line.

  • Complete with high quality air-filled fender on the inside.

  • The valve of the fender is accessible to inflate or deflate.

  • Washable.

  • Hand made with care and the highest attention to detail. 

  • Hand made in the Netherlands in collaboration with social initiatives.

Why are our Single Eye fenders droplet-shaped?

Our Single Eye rope fenders are short but have a lot of volume. This makes them ideal for boats that lay deeper in the water. The fenders give plenty of protection without hanging in the water.

General information

Purchasing Nautiqo fenders means that you have a true piece of traditional craftsmanship in hand, with a modern, luxurious twist. Our rope fenders protect from impact and reflect and emphasize the beauty of your boat.

Our single eye fenders are available in two sizes and three colors. Take a look at our size chart to see the dimensions of the different fender sizes that we offer. 

All of our rope fenders are complete products that come with an air-filled fender on the inside. The rope exterior is firmly attached to the base fender and is not ment to come off. Cleaning the rope exterior can be done with a hose or a pressure washer. Depending on where you order from, delivery can take a number of days. We always ship within 48 hours.  


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