In the chart below you can find the dimensions of the fender sizes we offer.

Nautiqo Rope boat fender sizes and dimensions

Every boat is different and needs fenders in different sizes, shapes. Depending on the size of your boat, you will need more or less fenders With the following tips & guidelines we will help you on your way in choosing the perfect set for your boat!

A Rope Boat Fender in two types

Traditional shape
Nautiqo offers two types of rope boat fender. The most common type is the traditional fender with a cylindrical shape. This type of fender is available in five sizes and a number of colors.

Danny’ fenders in a droplet shape
Next to the traditional shape, we also offer our ‘Danny’ fenders. Danny’s are short, but with a nice circumference. This makes them perfect for boats that lie relatively deep in the water, but do need a good sized fender. Handy, those Danny’s! Our Danny rope boat fender are available in two sizes and several colors.

Tips & Guidelines

How big is your boat?
The bigger/heavier your boat, the bigger the circumference of you fenders will need to be. Be sure to also look at the length of the fender. You don’t want them to hang in the water.

How deep does your boat lie in the water?
If you boat lies relatively deep in the water, our ‘Danny’ fenders could be perfect for you, because they are short, but with a big circumference.

Where do you moor your boat?
Do you need protection on both sides because you moor in a ‘box’.Or do you moor at a quay where one side of the boat needs protection?

How long is your boat?
Often people go with two fenders to protect one side of the boat. But if your boat is quite long, you might want to add a third one to be able to protect the front, rear and mid section of the boat.

What fenders do similar boats use?
Look at the size of the fenders you are using now, or look at the fenders that boats similar to your boat are using.

The sizes and dimensions of the base fenders can be found on the website of Danfender 

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