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Nautiqo Rope fenders give your boat the finishing touch!

Our rope fenders will protect your boat from impact and give it a unique, authentic & sophisticated look.

We give a 3 year warranty on our products

We only use the beste materials of the highest quality, which makes our products very durable. We air-filled Dan Fenders as a base for our Rope Fenders and add our knot work using the best PES fibers. PES (polyester) fibers are durable and keep their color and softness for years.

We always have the perfect size, model & color

We offer our Rope Fenders in two shapes: regular shaped fenders, which we offer in 5  sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and our round ‘Danny’ Fenders which are available in 2 sizes (S, L). The Danny Fenders are very useful for boats that lay relatively deep in the water. The Danny’s are short, but nice and chubby. They give your boat a lot of protection, but don’t hang in the water!  

After determining the shape and size of the fenders you need, you can pick the color that best suits your boat. We have three colors that you can choose in UNI or SWIRL design (a combination of colored and white rope).

Support a unique social cause

All of our products are produced by women of the ‘Wereldwijven’ initiative. A group of people within the initiative is trained in our knotting technique and helps us produce our collection. Learn more about this unique social cause.

The lines we use create
a super soft surface

Our fenders don’t damage your coating. The material is rich and glossy and is especially twined by our rope makers to be extra soft. PES in itself is very abrasion proof mold- & UV-resistant.

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“Our new Rope Fenders protect our boat AND look great at the same time!”

Aukje Houben, Amsterdam

About our custom rope work

Nautiqo sells custom boat accessories and marine accessories. We design for boat lovers, skippers and captains. We are inspired by the innovative materials that the high performance sailing and boating industry has to offer. We combine these materials with traditional nautical crafts. Because of our unique design philosophy we are able to offer a new nautical style. A fresh and modern perspective on boat and yacht accessories.

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