A rope fender set: The finishing touch! 

A rope fender set is function, combined with pure luxury. That is exactly what we like to offer our customers!
For smooth sailing, a lot of gear, tools and accessories are needed. Nautiqo believes that your boating gear can be a functional and beautiful addition to your life on the water.

In our boating accessories, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern materials. This results in fresh new classics that add to the beauty of your boat. We only use the best materials like soft but durabel rope and heavy rich leather to create a rope fender or any other Nautiqo accessory.

The classic rope fender re-invented 

Our maritime history comes with a treasure of cultural heritage, tradition and craftsmanship. With the help of new materials en techniques, we update the classics of maritime history and bring them back in to the 21st century.

Produced in the Netherlands by social initiatives

A Nautiqo rope fender is made in the traditional way. All of the knot work is done by hand.
Every product is produced in the Netherlands with the help of social initiatives like NSW. Learn more about this collaboration.


We use only lines of the best quality fibers (PES / Polyester) to make a rope fender. As a base we use the reliable quality of a light weight air-filled base fender (brand: DanFender). The leather tag is made of rich thick leather and is used as a mark of recognizable Nautiqo quality.