3 year warranty on all our Boating accessories
To make sure our products can withstand the environment, we only use materials of the best quality. This is how we make sure customers can enjoy our products for many seasons.

Because we believe in the strength of our products we give a 3 year warranty on all our rope fenders and boating accessories.

In the world of boating it is extremely important to work with high quality products. Because a boat and the products that are on it, are continuously exposed to the elements.
That is why they have to be durable, water-resistant, mold-resitant and UV-resistant.

The lines we use in our products are made of PES (polyester) fibers. We chose this material because it is known for being soft whilst being very durable and UV-resistant.
As a result our products keep their beautiful color! At the heart of our rope fenders is a high quality air filled fender. We have selected Dan Fenders to use as the basis for our products.

A unique & sophisticated look 

Give your boat a unique and sophisticated look with Nautiqo boating accessoires. All our products are handmade pieces of craftsmanship. We take traditional techniques from the nautical world and combine them with modern materials and technologies. That is how we create fresh and modern classics to give the finishing touch to a beautiful boat.

Always the right size 

Our rope fenders are available in seven sizes! Our cylindrical shaped fenders are available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). We also offer ‘droplet’ shaped Danny fenders. These droplet shaped fenders, called ‘Danny’ fenders are short and chubby and are perfect for boats that need a bigger fender, but lay relatively deep in the water. The Danny fender will provide the required amount of ‘cushioning’, while staying above the water line because it is nice and short. Our Danny fenders are available in two sizes.

In you need help choosing the right size, please give us a call or write us an e-mail. We will be happy to assist you. 

boating accessories by nautiqo

Always the right color 

All of our rope fenders come in several colors and color combination. Choose the perfect color to match your boat.
In our webshop you can see all colors that are currently on offer.

For some customers we make fenders in custom colors. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Soft for paint & gel coatings

For the production of our fenders we use PES (polyester) fibers. These fibers are durable and remain soft, even after exposure to the elements. The fibers are twined in a special way which makes the knotted surface even softer. The surface of our rope fender is soft to protect the paint or gel coat of your boat.

Nautiqo produces the social way

‘Wereldwijven’ (it means ‘Women of the world’) is a social workshop, but not an average one. It is special because it focusses on producing handmade and unique products for companies like Nautiqo. As an initiative the workshop also fulfills an important role in the lives of the women. Wereldwijven offers meeting place, a community and above all a safe haven for women from all over the world who live in and around the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The women that participate in the initiative are skillful workers, but they cannot find jobs. At Wereldwijven they come together and work in groups on craft projects. They make friends and learn our language & culture. The initiative is a valuable partner for us because it enables us to offer our products with a high level of detailing and finishing. Through our collaboration we support Wereldwijven and enable them to help and empower more women.

Thank you ladies!.