Nautical Gifts for every Sailor

Great nautical gifts are not always easy to find. Unless you're looking for something with an anchor or made from driftwood. To help you find something truly special we have selected some of our favorite items for you. Read on for some excellent tips that help you delight every water lover or boating enthusiast. Our favorite Nautical gifts in various price ranges, suitable for every budget!


Floating keychains

Every water lover can appreciate this Nautical gift. Especially when it is looks stylish like our hand knotted floating keychains do. These bad boys, made using the traditional monkey fist knot will keep your keys afloat! Our floating keychains are available in five colors and will be sent to you in a nice gift box, ready to put under the tree!

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Rope Bracelets

Does your friend like to look the part when going out on the water? Then our rope bracelets make a great gift. The indestructible yet beautiful yachting rope that forms the bracelet comes in four classic color combinations. The stainless steel magnetic clasp is super reliable and gives the item its robust look. Wearing this beautiful accessory will be a reminder of where your friend feels best: On the water!

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A set of Rope Fenders

If you want to go all out on your Nautical gift, a set of Rope Fender definitely has the WOW-factor. Protecting a boat from impact never looked so good! These hand knotted beauties will be the cherry on the top for every classic or modern boat.  Our Rope Fenders come in three colors and various sizes. Prices start at €89. If you need help choosing the perfect set, let us know.

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Macrame Vase decorated with Nautical Knot work

If you are looking for a Nautical gift that can brighten up the inside of a home or a boat, look no further. Our unique nautical vases look stunning in any interior. They are one of a kind, hand made pieces. We have a limited number of vases in stock in various sizes and designs. 

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Give our beautifully designed Gift Card

If you are in doubt about the color or size of the items you should buy you can always give a Nautiqo Gift voucher. You will have the voucher code in you e-mail straight away which is convenient if you are in a hurry. If you would rather bring  something physical, we can also send you the voucher code over the post. This voucher will come nicely wrapped and ready for you to give! 

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